Sunday, April 29, 2012

Food Truckin It!

1st Annual Frisco StrEATs Festival 

On Thursday I received an email from the chamber that mentioned activities this weekend in the community.  Of course when I read there was going to be a food truck festival, I was sold! We invited some new friends to come with us and we were off to eat our hearts out!  Let's just say the word spread quickly of this foodie event. There were swarms of people there to get their chance at all the tasty bites. 

 We decided to divide and conquer - the guys went in search of their foodie destiny and we (the girls) patiently waited in line for ssahmBBQAfter our hour plus wait, our foodie destiny finally arrived - the kimchee fries were AMAZING! 

Seriously. The. Best. Thing. EVER. 

Now that I'm out of my food coma, I should probably think about a serious detox.  Although my mind is still on those fries....

All in all it was a good food and good company, it doesn't get much better than that!


  1. OH I would love to try the ssahmBBQ! Doesn't sound like food cowboys in Wyoming eat though so I am out of luck for awhile ;)

  2. It was rather yummy! I hope you have safe travels to Wyoming and that you were able to get everything packed in your car!