Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day!

I love this day as it usually means that you have a little fun and play pranks on friends and family!  It has actually been a few years since I have actually engaged in this particular holiday's festivities.  A few years back I worked with a group of individuals that were regular pranksters.  When April Fool's Day would come around it was like everyone brought out their prized prank!  On one occasion a co-worker put dirt in another co-workers ground coffee, they went through whole process that morning of making their pot of coffee and getting their morning cup.  As the first sip was taken it was almost immediately followed by gaging and coughing.  This of course could only mean one thing.....WAR!  For about a week these two individuals went back and forth playing various pranks on each other, it was quite entertaining.  Oh the memories and fun times! 

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  1. For April Fools Day, my friends tagged my car with "For Sale" $2,000 and my actual cell phone number. I received probably 15-20 calls before my friends finally confessed that they were the ones who pulled the prank!