Friday, April 6, 2012

Week of Roadtrips

It has been a pretty busy week, it's Friday night and I'm exhausted!  I have had my fair share of driving this week as well.  Here is a little recap for you:  Saturday Dallas to OKC, Monday OKC to Springfield Missouri and back to OKC, Wednesday OKC back to Dallas.  Through all this driving I did discover that I have a great appreciation for the spring season!  The sides of the highway were scattered with pretty wildflowers and everything was green and blooming, I even got a glimpse of a rainbow. 

Oklahoma sky
On another note, there isn't much to report on the house this week.  We did have the privilege of picking where we wanted all the outlets and cable hook ups.  Exciting details I know! :)  My parents are coming to visit this weekend for Easter and we will also show them where our future home will be.  There still isn't much for them to see as it's just a pile of dirt for now!

Happy Easter!

As always I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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