Sunday, March 11, 2012

13th Annual Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls Dallas 2012 was so much fun!  I was a first timer at this event, seeing as how I am new to Dallas and all!  So for those of you wondering what exactly this event is....let me explain.  Empty Bowls is an annual fundraising campaign benefiting the North Texas Food Bank.  Part of the fun of the event is that you get to sample various yummy soups from local eateries along with breads and desserts!  What more could you ask for, right?!  Oh but there is more..... You also get to pick out your very own artisan handmade bowl.  Be sure to come prepared to fight off the crowds to find your perfect gem of a bowl, by the way everyone was acting you would have thought they were giving out diamonds! 

If making decisions isn't your best quality you can see how this might be a dubious task!  So after seeing all of those beautifully handmade pieces displayed before me, I too was on the hunt to find the "perfect one."  That I did, my heart was set on a very unique wooden bowl with a small turquoise in-lay.  I absolutely feel in love the smooth finish of the wood and the turquoise in-lay that made it a one of a kind for sure! 

After sampling many yummy soups, it was time to pack up and head back to the office.  I did leave feeling better not only for my find, but knowing that the price of my ticket into the fundraiser the NTFB will be able to feed 120 hungry children in my community.


  1. Good on you for taking part in such a worthy cause! The North Texas Food Bank does some wonderful work in the community.

    What part of Dallas are you in? My boyfriend and I lived there for three years!

  2. These kinds of events are so fun. There was a food bank in Wyoming that did this, too. The high schools all over the state contributed the bowls. I have a really beautiful one from attending one year with my Mom.

  3. WOW! That is such an amazing idea for an event! I think I would be one of the crazies fighting for the prettiest bowl I could get my hands on. Do you know if any place in Oklahoma has done this? I'd love to be a part of it.

    1. I am honestly not sure if Oklahoma has anything like this....You might look at the food banks website to see what fundraisers they do. It really was a fun event, I will definitely go again!